Monday, 08/08/2022, 14:21 GMT+7

This Mid-autumn season, on 06/08/2022, in collaboration with HCMC People’s Committee, Highlands Coffee had organized a meaningful and festive evening ‘Vui Don Trang Ram’ in Ward 8, District 8, HCMC for children who lost their loved ones to COVID-19.

Over 100 Mooncakes - Highlands’ main Mid-autumn product - have been given with sympathy, togetherness and above all, love from Highlands’ warriors-in-red to the children.


Now that COVID-19 has settled, businesses and lifestyles are shifting towards the ‘new normal’. However, the consequences of the pandemic are still prominent, especially to the next generation of our country. Highlands believes that every bit of genuine love expressed in the right place, at the right time and with the right amount of warmth will help alleviate the pains and bring optimism and hope into a bright, new future.

Highlands hopes that from the sweet mooncakes, these children can enjoy the taste of family reunion and a warm full-moon evening.

“Tet trung thu banh qua day mam

Em be nha ua dung quay quan

Doi hat sen banh deo day nhan

Em muon an bon nam ba phan”