, 10/09/2022, 19:44 GMT+7

“Trung Thu la Tet doan vien

Gia dinh gan ket, binh yen sum vay”

Not letting less fortunate children be left out in this special childhood holiday, on 8-9/9/2022, we at Highlands Coffee had come to visit, give presents and play with the kids in Thien Duyen Children’s Shelter (Cu Chi - HCMC), the children being treated in Viet Duc Hospital (Ha Noi) and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. Together, we made a ‘MYSTICAL MOON NIGHT’.


Thien Duyen Children’s Shelter is currently housing 40 homeless children and 90 children affected by the Orange Agent. ‘MYSTICAL MOON NIGHT’ filled the shelter with children’s laughter and joy when they were playing at booths set up by Highlands’ own Chi Hang and Chu Cuoi in red. There was coloring, ball throwing, lantern parade,... before concluding with some fulfilling and joyful performances.


On the other side of the bridge at Viet Duc Hospital’s Pediatrics and National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Ha Noi, where children are being brave and fighting everyday, where the hospital is home, where the doctors and nurses are friends, Highlands Coffee’s crew had also made a surprise visit in costumes of Hang Nga or Tho Trang with delicious cups of golden lotus tea and many lovely presents.

This Mid-autumn season was not only warmer in the hearts of these children, but it also sparked a peculiar feeling in Highlands Coffee’s staff in this ‘MYSTICAL MOON NIGHT’ that drives more motivation towards helping the community.

 See you at the next Mid-autumn Festival!