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Together Traditional Artists, Young People and Highlands Coffee preserve and promote Vietnamese Cultural Values

Dong Ho Paintings used to be very close to daily life of Vietnamese people. Especially back to the old time of the previous Lunar New Year holidays, Blessing Dong Ho Paintings with bright colors were decorated in every family, making the atmosphere of Spring days more and more vibrant and warm. With endless inspiration for the cultural beauty, identity and essence of Vietnam, we, Highlands Coffee, wish the country’s cultural traditions to be preserved and promoted because it is not only the historical identity of the whole nation, but also the embodiment of the country that handed down from generation to generation. Hence, we have sincerely invited Artist Nguyen Dang Che - one of the only two remaining Dong Ho artists of Vietnam; Uncle Nguyen Dang Che helped us connect with many young artists, shared his feelings, and hopes to young generation. Then from there, he inspired the young artists to bring youthfulness and modernity into the art of Dong Ho Paintings, by combining creativity and modern vitality of the youth into the art of traditional folk culture on 13 best-known Blessing Dong Ho Paintings on Tet (Lunar New Year) - a meaningful collection of "MODERNIZING DONG HO PAINTINGS" - expressing the message of blessing for a new year fully filled with "Health - Prosperity - Happiness" has been released to young people. The modernizing Dong Ho collection is performed by 3 young artists: Pham Quang Phuc, Nguyen Thi Phuong Trinh and Pham Rong. Let's enjoy these 13 fantastic Modernizing Dong Ho Paintings and discover meanings behine with Highlands Coffee!


*** All of Modernizing Dong Ho Paintings are displayed at many Highlands Coffee shops across the country to help young people get closer to Vietnamese Dong Ho Folk Paintings culture.

Besides, at the same time we organize a program of selling "Modernizing Dong Ho Paintings", which are completely made in accordance with the process and materials of traditional Dong Ho painting, produced by Artist Nguyen Dang Che and his family, and a part of revenue from selling Modernizing Dong Ho Paintings will be taken out to support Dong Ho village.

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08/02/2018, 08:26