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Highlands Coffee’s mission is to "Become Vietnam’s most favorite café of taste, affordable, modern Vietnamese coffee and tea lifestyle experiences to every customer, everywhere, every day."

Together with the ambition to "Embrace and Lift up the Vietnamese coffee culture" hand-in-hand with the strategic vision of "Vietnamese café proud to serve Vietnamese people", Highlands Coffee is proudly delivering customers countless memorable experiences every day at more than 300 coffee shops across 21 provinces of Vietnam.

To inspire and spread the Viet’s pride of each valued customer group further, Highlands Coffee is proud to bring the campaign "Connecting Vietnam, Travelling to Phu Quoc" with the total prize value of more than 15 BILLION VND.

The campaign is officially started at all Highlands Coffee shops nationwide; from 15 November 2018 to 31 December 2018.

The CARDS OF PRIDE COLLECTION has 08 inspirational stories representing for 08 valued customer groups of Highlands Coffee, who are in love and accompany with Highlands Coffee every day.



I. Duration of Campaign:

From 15 November 2018 to 31 December 2018


II. Participants:

Vietnamese citizens living and working in Vietnam.

IIIConditions of participation:

  • Customers who purchase any of three flagships Phin Sua Da, Freeze Tra Xanh and Tra Sen Vang (Tea with lotus seed) (applied for Medium and Large sizes) will receive random Scratch Cards contained special characters or symbol.
  • Customers scratch and find the characters and symbol beneath the scratching area.
  • Customers match the characters and symbol in accordance with the following list.
  • Customers give the Completing Pride Card Collection to Highlands Coffee staffs to redeem the valuable rewards.
  • Some gifts will be redeemed at any Highlands Coffee shops nationwide.
  • Some gifts will only be redeemed at the Listed Redemption Locations in the following list.

IV. “Cards of Pride” Collection & Reward redemption:

Customer may redeem rewards from the “Cards of Pride” collection under condition of promotion as below:    



V. Total prize value:

    "Connecting Vietnam, Travelling to Phu Quoc" campaign has a total prize value of more than 15 BILLION VND.



In particular, The Special Prize of Phu Quoc Travelling Package shall not be:

  • Special Prize of a Phu Quoc Island Travelling Package in 04 days 03 nights for 01 person SHALL NOT be converted into cash.
  • Only can be converted into the 66 Highlands Coffee Gift Cards valued at 100.000 VND per card equivalent to the travelling package value

Other prizes shall not be converted into cash or other forms.

VI. Conditions of the valid winning Scratch Card:

The Valid scratch cards shall be followed full of the following conditions:

  • Scratch cards in all cases must be intact, not torn apart, patched, erased, with signs of correction, have signs of correction and have the protection stamp at the time of determining the prize.
  • Scratch cards must be clear, not shaved, erased and not deformed to the original.
  • Ensure number of scratch cards corresponding to the number of the prize.
  • Winning time of Scratch Card: Determine time of the wining of Scratch Card which has still be valid in the period of the promotion.
  • Determine location of winnings.

VIIContact and Information of Prize Rewarding:

  • Customers inform directly at the Listed Redemption Locations.
  • Customers also can notify Highlands Coffee’s nationwide staff

Deadline for winner’s notifications:

  • For Special Prizes: End of 21 January 2019
  • For the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth Prizes: End of 29 January 2019

Reward Delivery: End of 31 January 2019

​​​​​VIII. Locations and procedures of redemption:
  • Reward Locations: At Listed Redemption Locations (please refer the list below) or Directly at any Highlands Coffee shops.
  • List of redemption locations in Hanoi:
  • List of redemption locations in HCM City:
  • List of redemption locations in other provinces:
  • Reward procedure:


Địa điểm đổi quà

Thủ tục nhận thưởng đổi quà

Special Prize

Listed Redemption Locations

(please refer the list above)

Customers are required to show and return the scratch cards in listed redemption location in order to redeem rewards.

The First Prize

The Second Prize

The Third Prize

The Fourth Prize

Directly at any Highlands Coffee shops nationwide

Customers are required to show and return the scratch cards any Highlands Coffee shops to in order to redeem rewards.

The Consolation Prize

IX. Campaign's Application and Notes:

  • Not applicable at the same time with other promotions.
  • Only applicable to customers who purchase directly at Highlands Coffee shops.
  • Applied at all Highlands Coffee nationwide except for the airport kiosks and the War Museum.
  • Employees of Highlands Coffee are not eligible to participate in this campaign.

Contact Information:

Cao Nguyen Coffee Service Joint Stock Company                                                                      

135/37/50 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Distric Binh Thanh, HCM City                                                                        

Phone: (84-28) 3512 7355                                                                     

Email: [email protected]

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