Wednesday, 28/12/2022, 20:24 GMT+7

This Tet is ours, Highlands celebrate through the Traditional Tet Vietnam.
This is a different Tet, Why don't we suppose to go to Highlands now?

For us, Tet at Highlands is about more than just good times and delectable food.

For us, Tet in the Highlands entails more than just the enticing aroma of Phin coffee and the sounds of families playing and conversing.

Highlands Coffee® also wishes to deliver a really joyful and thrilling Tet by playing the game "Truth or Dare," but not in the way that we usually do because we are "Afraid to speak it."

  • With friends, demonstrate your aptitude for "manipulating psychology" by providing open-ended responses.
  • Using your oratory skills, abilities, or the card to your advantage to confess, you can tell the person you desire the truth without them finding out.
  • Suggestion: Select "Challenge" so that we may communicate better and laugh more as a group.


Today, Highlands Coffee® donated a "Truth or Dare" Game Set for us with an invoice for 199,000 VND, making everyone joyful in their own unique way and celebrating Tet in various ways.

The inspiration for ''Truth or Dare" came from the present mode of communication in a technologically advanced culture, when people only interact with one another via phone screens. This deck of game cards aims to break down that "wall" by adding interest and excitement to dates and coffee dates. How to use phrases that have stirred up social media storms in the recent past, weave in scenarios with the phrase "slow down," together with humorous images and clever challenges Definitely "Truth or Dare" will provide a restless Tet playground at Highlands Coffee® during the Traditional Tet Vietnam.

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Every drink enthusiast in Vietnam should know about Highlands' distinctive Tet ritual. Everywhere you look, you see the color red, which stands for the Vietnamese soul, spirit, and products.

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Come to join our Lunar New Year party. Because - This Tet is Ours.